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Kelowna, British Columbia

4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathroom | 4000 sq.ft.






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A Fusion of Fun and Function

Commercial design has evolved significantly from the days of beige cubicles, with tech businesses worldwide leading the charge in creating spaces that seamlessly blend fun and functionality. Foosball tables and bean bag chairs have become staples in modern offices. However, many homeowners hesitate to bring this sense of adventure into their homes, often relegating hobbies and fun activities to specific rooms.

A deep understanding of functional spaces

But on Hobson Crescent in Kelowna’s Lower Mission, a unassuming home stands as a testament to keeping youthful exuberance alive. Meet Chris and Jenn Little, the owners of Little Building Solutions, a design-build firm renowned for their commercial construction expertise. Chris has lent his talents to some of Kelowna’s most iconic tech offices, including the former Club Penguin headquarters. Armed with a deep understanding of functional spaces, this dynamic couple embarked on a project that marries their unique backgrounds.

A Minimalist Fusion of Cultures

For over a decade, this family has called the neighborhood surrounding Sarsons and Hobson Road their home. These streets have witnessed their lives, from sunny beach days to spirited table tennis matches in the dining room. When an unexpected offer for their home arose, the Littles made the bold decision to relocate to their rental property just a street away. Here, they’ve crafted a house that perfectly aligns with their active lifestyle.

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1750 Springfield Road
Kelowna, BC. Canada